Download Details (Intranet Only)

Software Services:

  • MATLAB Suite of solutions – 50 User licenses with appropriate number numbers of all tool boxes. (License Server
  • Mathematica Software (Perpetual software, network version): 30 User licenses  (License Server
  • CST Studio Software (Perpetual) with basic components: 01 No each (License Server 27005@
  • Origin Lab Software (100, Network version, Perpetual license) (License Server
  • MedeA VASP – 01 User ( MedeA core GUI, Job/Task Server, VASP, VASP GUI, LAMMPS GUI, Infomatica, COD & COD GUI
  • ANSYS- Existing academic multiphysics solution (10/100) has been upgraded with following licenses and TECS upto- 02/03/2022: (License Server
    ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus 50/500
    ANSYS Academic Research Chemical Kinetics (5 Tasks)
    ANSYS Academic Research Scade Suite (1 Tasks)
    ANSYS Academic Teaching Scade Suite (25 Tasks)
    ANSYS Academic Ensight Post Processing tool (5 Tasks)
    ANSYS Additive Suite (5 tasks)
    ANSYS Discovery Ultimate Enterprise (5 Tasks)
    ANSYS Academic Spaceclaim tool (25 Tasks)
    ANSYS Academic Research Ls-Dyna (25 Tasks)
  • CasaXPS – Unlimited Pack ( Windows desktop)
  • Statistica Ultimate Academic Pack software: 50 users network for 5 years licenses.
  • Simulia ABAQUS- 2 Users license ( Research Edition)
  • Gaussian, GaussView and TCP Linda Software: Site License for Linux Platform.