Guidelines to Official Email Users

1. Creation and activation of Official E-mail account

1.1.  A permanent official E-mail account in IIT (BHU) domain (username@iitbhu.ac.in) will be provided to each faculty, staff and students of IIT (BHU), Varanasi.

1.2.  The office of the Web Management and E-mail Services (WMES) of IIT (BHU) will manage this service and any queries related with e-mail services may be directed to email.wmg@iitbhu.ac.in.

1.3. The general e-mail address format used for faculty and staff is username.branchcode@iitbhu.ac.in and for student is username.branchcodeyear@iitbhu.ac.in.

1.4.  All faculty or students related electronic correspondences from teachers, staffs heads or coordinators of the department/school/Institute will be sent to the users official e-mail address and hence users are advised to check their email account regularly

1.5.  Every user by default will be added as a member of group mailing lists at branch or department or institute level which are created for the easy and quick communication and collaboration with dynamic groups.

1.6.  The WMES Committee would communicate the created new E-mail account details of faculty and students to Dean of Academic Affairs (DOAA) and Dean of Student Affairs (DOSA) respectively, and/or respective Head/Coordinator of Departments/Schools for further distribution to the concerned faculty or student.

1.7.  The users can access their E-mail account through Institute homepage or directly from the Gmail login page. During the first login, the user should change his/her temporary password with a well memorable but not easily guessable password. The password should be of at least 8 characters and preferably in the combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols.

1.8.  After successful activation of E-mail account, the user must send a confirmation mail to email.wmg@iitbhu.ac.in.

1.9.  Login problems or failure of logging into the official email account may be reported as per the guidelines given under Item No. 2 of this document. Email accounts which are not activated within three months from the date of issue, will be deleted permanently without any prior notice.

1.10. The students who opt for branch change (if eligible) should communicate the branch change details along with the relevant documents to the WMES (email.wmg@iitbhu.ac.in) for obtaining new official e-mail ID. In such cases the old email ID will be permanently deleted.


2. Password reset policy for users official E-mail account

    The users are advised to follow the guidelines given below for resetting their E-mail account which may be required in case of loss of/forgotten password or any trouble in logging into their E-mail account.

2.1.  The user should send an e-mail, clearly stating his/her official mail account details (mail ID, user name, branch & roll number) as well as the reason for resetting the password of his/her official E-mail account to email.wmg@itbhu.ac.in.

2.2.  Such mail requests should be sent either from the user’s personal mail ID along with a scanned copy of his/her photo ID provided by the Institute OR from the official mail ID of user’s friends or faculty endorsing and confirming the user’s identity and official mail ID. The new password will be sent to this ID.

2.3.  User’s requests not fulfilling above criteria will not be entertained by the WMES. In case of a repeat request within one year, the user will also be required to obtain a consent signature from his/her course instructor or supervisor or Head of the department/school and Director, IIT (BHU) as the case may be.

2.4.  The faculty and staff may also follow the same procedure for resetting their E-mail account.

 3.  Guidelines for E-mail usage

3.1.  Misuse or abuse of electronic mail facility is punishable under Information Technology Act 2000, Government of India.

3.2.  E-mail services are a privilege, not a right. The official E-mail account provided to a faculty, staff or student is meant for the official purpose only. Every mail user in our institute domain is bound to obey and follow the guidelines given below.

3.3.  It is the users’ responsibility to keep their E-mail account in good standing, not give out passwords, hold responsibility for any activity originating from that account and use the email account in ways that are responsible, ethical, lawful and professional.

3.4. As part of normal E-mail management, the WMES collects various types of users’ data including login/logout times, types and frequencies of access and amount of resources used. This information can be analysed for various purposes relating to the management of the email systems. WMES reserves the right to suspend or delete an e-mail address that has been inactive for more than 6 months.

3.5.  The users are strictly advised to post only the academic or research related mails or contents to the groups at different levels. The users are strictly advised not to indulge in any unacceptable behaviour or activity in the E-mail environment. The unacceptable behaviour includes, but not limited to, distribution of unsolicited and unauthorized mass e-mail to users, threatening users, infringements of others’ privacy, interference with others' work, copyright infringement and illegal activity.

3.6.  Posting harassing, abusive, obscene, harmful, illegal or objectionable contents, spamming group mails with undesired contents or messages to any users or mailing lists of our official domain are strictly forbidden.

3.7.  Posting buy/sale deals to the group mailing lists or any content which is not of a common interest of the members of such group mailing lists is not permitted.

3.8.  Users who violate the above stated E-mail usage policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Office of WMES may monitor individual users suspected of violating this policy.

3.9.  The disciplinary actions likely to be impended for such violation of any of the above rules/policies include
(a) Issue of a warning letter/e-mail to the user
(b) Temporary or permanent suspension of users E-mail account for a month or a semester or permanent removal or termination of users E-mail account from the institute’s domain.

3.10.   Mass mailing policy: Following are the guidelines to be followed while mass mailing the students.

        What are allowed?

        a)        Any event/activity official/unofficial being organised at IIT-BHU or BHU.

        b)        Any event happening at any other institute.

        c)        Scholarship and internship opportunities.

        d)        Lost and Found Mails.

        e)        Anything relevant to IIT-BHU community. E.g.: Academic stuff, important notices, etc.

        What are not allowed?

         a)        Buy and Sale mails: 30 days ban.

         b)        Use of offensive and abusive language: Permanent ban.

         c)        Mailing unauthorized contents to the non-target batches. For example: Mass mails on btech@iitbhu.ac.in: 30 days ban.

         d)        Self-promotion mails with no relevance to masses like vote my photo, check this scheme, click on this link, etc.: 30 days ban.

         e)        Anything not mentioned above and deemed unfit by WMES shall also be liable for punishment.

       One Time Permission 

      Student groups that have to mass mail frequently like the institute startups, etc. need permission from WMES by forwarding a mail at email.wmg@iitbhu.ac.in.

       Reporting to WMES

       Students may report to WMES if they are being spammed or if they find a mail to be offensive.


  *Last updated on 07 August 2014