IIT (BHU) Varanasi


Teaching Learning Centre


Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), came into existence in 1919, in the form of Beneras Engineering College (BENCO) and has now grown into a leading science and engineering education centre, recognized nationally and internationally for teaching and research. It is also known worldwide for the achievements of its alumni, who have made immense contribution to the society at large in various capacities in the fields of education, industry, research, business, entrepreneurship, and administration.

Core Faculty Members


Prof. Santosh Kumar

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Email: chair.tlc@iitbhu.ac.in



Prof. K. D. Mandal

Department of Chemistry
Email: kdmandal.apc@iitbhu.ac.in


Prof. R.K. Mishra

Department of Electrical Engineering
Email: rkmishra.eee@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. P. Ghosh

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Email: pghosh.mec@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Ravi Shankar Singh

Department of Computer Engineering
Email: ravi.cse@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Devender Singh

Department of Electrical Engineering
Email: dsingh.eee@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Subir Das

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Email: sdas.apm@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. N. S. Rajput

Department of Electronics Engineering
Email: nsrajput.ece@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Department of Civil Engineering
Email: rkumar.civ@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Santhil Raja A.

Department of Pharmaceutics Engineering
Email: asraja.phe@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Neeraj Sharma

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Email: niraj.bme@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Pradeep Srivastava

School of BioChemical Engineering
Email: pksrivastava.bce@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Anita Mohan

Department of Physics
Email: amohan.app@iitbhu.ac.in


Dr. Amrendra Kumar

Department of Mining Engineering
Email: amrendra.min@iitbhu.ac.in