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The department of mining engineering is fostering research in various topics. Some of them are enumerated below.

In Underground mining

  • Subsidence prediction 3D - Numerical Simulation
  • Coal pillar designing
  • Feasibility evaluation of Partial extraction of coal pillars
  • Rock bolt Support Design of underground mines
  • Longwall panel simulation
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Planning of dragline operation in opencast
  • Effect of blast vibration on dump stability
  • Blasting and fragmentationMine waste dump stability analysis
  • Haul Road Design


In the area of Geo-environment

  • Evaluation of Geo- Environmental and Geo-Technical properties of coal
  • Prediction of Drainage quality and water resource management in coal
  • Characterization and estimation of respirable particulate in opencast
  • Fly-Ash utilization


(1) Thesis submitted

1. Fly-Ash utilization. (Student: Shri Ravindra Shetty, Supervisor: Prof. N.C. Karmakar).

2 Assessment of blast performance parameters in surface mine. (Student: Bhanwar Singh Choudhary, Supervisor: Dr. P. Rai)

(2) Ph.D. Work (Ongoing)

1. A study of the stability of underground coal mining structures. (Student: Shri R.P. Singh, Supervisor: Prof. B.K. Shrivastva,).

2  Characterization of pariculate matter in open cast coal mine and air quality management (Student: Rajkumar Sharma, Supervisor: Dr. A Jamal)