The Main Workshop of the Indian Institute of Technology is offering the following services :

  • Educational platform, where science is translated into technology.

  • On the job workshop practical training to B.Tech. Part I students of all the branches

    and B.Tech. Part II Mechanical Engineering students to expose them to various

    manufacturing processes.

  • Providing fabrication facilities in project /dissertation work to the Undergraduate,

    Postgraduate and Ph. D students of all branches of Engineering.

  • Providing possible resources for developing and preparing Engineering models for

    annual technical festival TECHNEX.

  • The Main Workshop also provides all possible facilities to the students in realizing the

    products that come out of their creative and innovative thinking.

  • At the University level, the Main Workshop provides technical services to Electric &

    Water Supply Services (EWSS) and University Works Department (UWD).

  • The Main Workshop offers summer vocational training for internal and external

    students of different Engineering Colleges/ Polytechnics.

  • The Main Workshop also provides to support consultancy services for

    Industries/Research units near Varanasi.