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Prof. K. K. Shukla
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Designation              Professor (Direct) & Head of the Department,
                                           Department of Computer Sc. & Engineering,
                                           I.I.T.(B.H.U.), Varanasi

Degrees / Affiliations:  Ph.D.(BHU), M.Tech (Gold Medal) (BHU),
                                           B.E (FIRST CLASS FIRST)
                                           (FIETE, FIE, SMCSI, MISTE)

Courses offered: Information Security, Advanced Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, Graph Theory.

Number of Publications: 145 ( International=78, National=67 )

Number of Citations > 350

Intellectual Property Rights: 24 (Web applications, e-earning resources and XML content in vernacular)

(Transferred to the Ministry of Communication & Information  Technology, GoI)

Ph.D.s guided : 15 Awarded + 4 in progress


Dr. Amitabh Wahi

Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Applications in Some Classification Problems



Dr. Arvind  Shrivastava

Application of Artificial Neural Network in Gas/ Odor Identification Using Sensor Array         



Dr. S. P. Sisodia

Neural Network Techniques with a Special Reference to Digital System Testing       



Dr. P. K. Singh

Intelligent Heating Schedule Controller for SC Furnace (ISM)



Dr. B. R. K. Rao

On New Learning Techniques in Radial Basis Function Neural Networks and Their Applications.           



Dr. P. Roychowdhury

New Tunneling Based Learning Algorithms For Neural Nets



Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari

New Implementation Techniques of DWT and Their Application to Signal De-noising & Classification      



Dr. M.V.N.K.Prasad

Domain Decomposition Based Image Compression  



Dr. R. R. Das

Neuro-Fuzzy Classifiers for Identification of Gases / Odours 



Dr. Pranab Kumar  Muhuri

Task Scheduling in Real-Time Systems with Fuzzy Uncertainty in Deadlines and Processing Times



Dr. Neeraj Sharma

Segmention in Biomedial Images                   



Dr. Sandeep Agarwal

Adaptive Scheduling Algorithms for Overloaded Real Time Systems



Dr. Bhaskar Biswas

New Algorithms for Mining Web pages based on their Content and Structure 



Dr. Abhigyan Dwivedi

Nominal Phrase in Sanskrit and English - A Machine Translation Approach



Dr. Mohanchur Sarkar

Performance Enhancement Algorithms for Satellite Interactive Network



Dr. Bharavi Mishra

Developing Software Defect Prediction Models by Mining Historical Data Sets



Dr. (Ms.) Mousumi Dhara

New Approaches to Graph Clustering and Overlapping Community Detection with  Applications                    



Ms. Madhushi Verma

Heuristic Algorithms for Graphs

In Progress


Mr. Jayadeep Pati

Software Quality Modeling

In Progress


Mr. R.C. Pandey

Video Authentication 

In Progress


Ms. Mridula Verma

Large Scale Machine Learning

In Progress


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