IMPORTANT NOTE: Allthe candidates will be required to submit two hard copies of online generated Profile Registration forms at the time of physical registration at IIT(BHU), Varanasi on 26th July, 2016.

About the Portal

The online registration portal is created for the First Semester UGD/IDD/IMD students to register in the Odd Semester of Academic session 2016-17. The general work-flow of online registration process is as follows:

Work-flow of online registration process

Step-by-Step Instructions for Online Registration
Following are the step-by-step instructions you should follow to successfully complete your Profile Registration and submit your preferences for Creative Practice Courses.


Step 1: Login to the Portal

1.1. Visit the Login page of the Portal by clicking the following links:

1.2. Enter your user name which will be: Your seven-digit JEE(Advanced)-2016 Roll Number. (For Eg: 7056286)

1.3.  Enter your password which will be: your JEE(Main)-2016 Roll Number (For Eg:19608226)

1.4.  After entering the password, click “login” to see the following page and it will take you to the change password page.

Important Note: For login problems if any, you may please write to help.portal@iitbhu.ac.in. Please state clearly your full name, username and branch in your query email.

Step 2. Change Password

2.1. Enter your new password in both new password and confirm password fields and then click "update" to see the following page.

2.2. Click the small clipart image  in the right top corner of the Portal Dashboard and click on the “username” dropdown menu to view your "User profile page".

 2.3. The user profile page has a link for change password on the right top side and a link to "Registration Dashboard" in the bottom of the page.


Step 3. Go to Registration Dashboard

Click “Proceed to Registration Dashboard” to see the Registration Dashboard (refer to the screen-shot below), in a new window and Click “New Registration” (for UGD/IDD/IMD freshers) to see your Profile Registration page.

Step 4. Profile Registration Page

On the top of your Profile Registration page (refer to the screen-shot below), you will find your default user name (For eg; seven digits roll no of JEE adv), your default programme name (For eg; 4-year B.Tech.: Mechanical Engineering), your programme level (For eg; I Semester), your JEE(Adv.)-2016 Roll No. and JEE(Main)-2016 Roll No.

Step 5 to 8: Fill Profile Registration form, Save, Upload Photograph, Select and lock Creative Practice Courses and
      L-O-C-K to Download PDF of Profile Registration

5.1. Fill in each item of the profile registration form carefully and all items are mandatory. Avoid entering quotes [ ‘ or “ ] in any fields. Enter your “Permanent Address”, Allotted hostel address (Refer to the allotment list in the fresher information portal), Specify the proficiency of all languages you know.Then, enter your parents’ full name as they appear in your 10th certificate and your personal email ID. Please note that your category, gender, and date of birth will appear as default data and cannot be altered or edited. Fill in your “City and State” of birth and enter your academic details (10th and 10+2) and extracurricular information in the designated fields.
5.2. Under "Registration Information", Select the "Semester I" from the drop-down menu and fill the date of online registration, date of online fee submission of remaining Academic Fee to IIT(BHU) and online Bank e-receipt no. (Below 1.00 lakh income slab candidates should fill the seat allotment fee number and date).

5.3. Then, enter carefully, the name and address of your local guardian in the designated fields.

5.4. After filling all the fields, SAVE/UPDATE your data and proceed to upload your photograph by clicking the “Upload your image” link. This will open a page for uploading your passport size photo.

The image file should be of following specifications for successful upload.
          a)      The file format of your photograph should be either .jpeg or .jpg
          b)      The file size should be less than 50kb
          c)      The width should be less than 300 pixels and the height should be less than 350 pixels.

Before you begin uploading your photograph, as per the above specifications, resize, change file extensions of your image file, using image editing tools like, Microsoft Office Picture Manager etc.

5.5. Browse the location of your image in your local disk and click “Upload” and then click “View uploaded image” to see the uploaded image of yours. Type “Y” if your image is properly uploaded, if not, type “N” which will take you back to image upload page, to re-upload your image of correct size.

5.6. Once you submit your image, click “Go back” to visit the Profile Registration page and click Update/Save, followed by 'display profile' to check the correctness of all information you have filled in.

5.7. After verifying all data, Click ‘Creative Practice’ to see the Course Selection page. (Refer to the screen-shot below). Enter your AIR and select your order of preferences of nine Creative Practice Courses. Click ‘Submit’ and View/Edit to change or modify your selections and Click “Submit”. Then, Click “Back” button provided at the right-top page to return on Profile page. (This will be submit your choices online, hard copy is not required)

You come back to Profile Registration page and click “Lock Creative” button to LOCK your preference of Creative Practice courses “Lock Creative”, then press F5 (Refresh the page). This is the final one time lock and you cannot edit your preferences again.

5.8. After verifying again all data, you should lock the data by clicking “L-O-C-K”. This is one time lock for all profile information and you cannot edit your data again, once you have locked. Only locked data can be downloaded for your records.

5.9. Then, click “Download profile” to view the pdf of filled profile registration form (a sample form is shown below). Save this pdf in your local disk or print it for your records.

5.10. LOGOUT: Close this window, Go to the Portal Dashboard page and Click the small clipart image   in the right top corner and click “Log out”.

Important Note: Two copies of duly signed Profile Registration form along with original color photo (pasted, not stapled) should be submitted during physical registration on the notified date, i.e. on 26th July, 2016 for all first year UGD/IDD/IMD students. For any assistance and queries related to the online registration, you may please write to help.portal@iitbhu.ac.in.

Please state clearly your full name, username and branch in your query email.

Disclaimer: These information are tentative, liable for change at any point of time due to administrative reasons.